How To Style An Oversized Sweatshirt

When you want to be casual or just run a quick errand, oversized sweatshirts are the best to wear. This casual street style is perfect for any time of year and weather.

Here are some of our favorite ways for men and women to wear an oversized sweatshirt:

How To Wear An Oversized Sweatshirt As A Woman

You can wear a big sweatshirt in a way that is both comfortable and stylish. You can do more with one piece of clothing than before.

Matching With Bottoms

  • Or wear it with no bottoms at all and call it a dress. A cool streetwear look is to wear a big, long sweatshirt as a dress.
  • You can’t go wrong with jeans. No matter what fit you choose, jeans are always a good choice. Denim goes well with an oversized sweatshirt and draws attention to your figure. Pair with ripped or acid-washed jeans to add some texture.
  • Wear leggings or yoga pants for a sporty look. Fitted bottoms go well with any sweatshirt that is too big. If you want to try something new, try pants with bright colors or prints to give your outfit a little or a lot of personalities.
  • Stay at ease with runners. If you want to be comfortable from head to toe, choose sweatpants that fit more snugly and get narrower at the ankles.

To Top It All Off

  • Thigh-high boots are elegant and a little bit sassy. With thigh-high boots and an oversized sweatshirt worn as a dress, you can show the world that you’re ready to take on the day your way.
  • For a confident, laid-back look, wear sneakers or canvas shoes. Choose a colorful shoe to make your outfit stand out when wearing a plain sweatshirt.
  • The best way to wear sweatshirts is to layer them. Combine your big sweatshirt with a jean jacket that fits the same way. Choose a bomber jacket instead if you want to look sportier.

How To Wear An Oversized Sweatshirt As A Man

With the right accessories, that same big sweatshirt can become a classic look that will make heads turn when you walk in the door.

Matching With Bottoms

  • Pair a sweatshirt that is too big with skinny pants. This will give your style a little edge and make you look more put together while keeping you comfortable all day, whether you’re going to class or having a casual Friday.
  • Put on some joggers and an oversized sweatshirt for a trendy look. The best of both worlds. This look is for people who do things while still being comfortable.
  • Jeans and big sweatshirts have always gone together. This classic style is great for getting things done while feeling cozy. This outfit looks great with ripped jeans.
  • Put on your oversized sweatshirt and sweatpants for a day of lounging around. As you go about your day with ease, take your relaxation to a new level.

To Top It All Off

  • Put on a jacket over a big sweatshirt for a cool street look. For a pop of color, let the waistband hang out below the jacket. This will look great with a new haircut and some fresh kicks.
  • Sandals are the way to go if you want to look like a surfer. Whether flip-flops or slip-on, sandals look great with big sweatshirts. It’s a great outfit for a bonfire or a walk on the boardwalk.
  • Pair your clothes with nice high tops for a streetwear look. As you go about your day, this will make you feel like a B-Boy.
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